What will Russia do if Georgia joins NATO?

Russia will have to create a defense belt near Sochi if Georgia becomes a member of NATO.

Source: Tanjug, TASS
Moscow (Thinkstock)
Moscow (Thinkstock)

Director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s European cooperation department Andrei Kelin said this on Monday.

"We will have to create a defense belt near Sochi. We will have to spend colossal resources on preventing likely actions by a hypothetical enemy, this is inevitable," Kelin said, according to TASS.

He believes that Ukraine joining the alliance !would be an equally serious military and economic problem for Russia" - but added that "early accession of either to NATO was very unlikely for the time being."

"But if our western partners proceed along the road of building up confrontation, this may happen, of course, and we will have to make fundamental preparations," Kelin concluded.


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