"Anyone who dares, like German scumbag, to arrest him will face nuclear strike" VIDEO

Putin's chief propagandist Vladimir Solovyov warned on Russian state TV that any country that dare even declare its intention to detain Putin would be nuked.

Source: B92, N1 Zagreb

"The crimes were allegedly committed on the occupied territory of Ukraine at least since February 24, 2022. There are reasonable grounds to assume that Putin bears individual criminal responsibility for the aforementioned crimes," the ICC said on Friday.

Solovyov, who hosts a TV show on Russian state television as well as a radio show on a Kremlin-controlled station, commented on Putin's arrest warrant.

On Monday, BBC journalist Francis Scar posted on Twitter a translated video showing Solovyov's reaction to the indictment, which shows Putin's propagandist calling for a nuclear attack on countries that adhere to the Hague indictment, reports Zagreb's N1.

"Any structure, or country, that just dares like the German scumbag, their minister of justice, to say that they plan to implement an arrest warrant - that is a declaration of war and requires the immediate use of a nuclear strike on that country," Solovyov said in his show.