Austrian politician about Ukraine: We told you so; The so-called Kosovo is to blame

Austrian David Stockinger, the SPÖ official assessed that the recognition of the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo by the West opened Pandora's box.

Source: Tanjug

Stockinger pointed out that this set a precedent that endangered international law and international relations.

"I still remember when we from the Social Democratic Youth and the peace movement because of our consistent position that Kosovo Serbia was ridiculed, even attacked. We still knew what would happen next. We were right once again," he said.

Now, as he stated, everything returns as boomerang to the hypocrites and revisionists of history.

Stockinger pointed out that it is now important that all efforts are made to achieve de-escalation.

"Open war is not an option for both Russia and the Ukrainian people. If you look at the development of recent years, especially weeks and months, you will realize that Moscow is forced into the current situation, although the decision to recognize the two regions is more than questionable from international and legal aspect", he said.


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