Get ready: A stormy cyclone is coming

After yesterday's stormy day with strong storms and hail, today brought stabilization of the weather to Serbia, meteorologist Djordje Djurić told "Telegraf".

Source: Telegraf
Shutterstock/Romolo Tavani
Shutterstock/Romolo Tavani

The sky over Serbia has been clear since morning, so we are expecting a sunny and warm day, similar to a real summer. The maximum temperature will be from 26 to 30°C, in Belgrade up to 28°C.

At this time, a strong cloud system is located over the western and central Mediterranean.

Djurić says that it is cloudiness as part of a shallow cyclone that brings rain and thunder showers to these areas.

During the day, this strong cloud system will move towards the Adriatic Sea and the Alps, and during the night on Thursday, part of this cloudiness will cover Serbia from the southwest, that is, from the Jaran Sea, says Djurić.

In the area of Serbia under the influence of this system, there will be significantly more cloud cover on Thursday, in some places with local showers and thunderstorms. During the day, precipitation will be less frequent, while more precipitation is expected in the afternoon and towards the end of the day.

Thunderstorms with heavy rainfall and very strong thunder are expected in some places, with the local occurrence of hail, said Djurić.


Day of Mourning declared in Serbia

At today's extraordinary session, Government of the Republic of Serbia declared September 27, 2023 as the Day of Mourning due to the tragic events in Kosovo.

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