Media: Boy K.K. demands to be released immediately

The boy K.K. (13), who killed eight peers and a school guard on May 3, while the ninth child died later in the hospital, asks to be released on a daily basis.

Source: Blic
Tanjug/AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic
Tanjug/AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic

As Blic learns, K.K. demands to be released from the clinic every day, because he claims that "there is no reason to stay in the hospital anymore". However, the chances of that happening are practically zero, the paper adds.

The killer boy was imprisoned after the crime he committed in a special institution, in isolation. Doctors conduct expert examinations and additional diagnostics.

According to the reports, during all this time he shows no remorse, he is cool and calm and did not ask to contact anyone.

K.K. has also previously, according to media claims, asked questions: "When am I going out?" and "What is the impact of what I have done?", but in the last few days he has become "stronger" and is pressuring the doctors to release him - which, of course, is out of the question.

The killer boy asks the doctors every day the question "am I going out today", commenting that "there is no reason for him to be here anymore", because "all examinations have been completed. On the other hand, the doctors believe that K.K. is still a danger to the environment and that there is a possibility to repeat the same or a similar crime, if he has the opportunity.

"Nobody can rule out that huge risk", says the interlocutor of "Blic" who is familiar with the case.


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