15.352 newly infected, 59 people died

According to the latest data, 15.352 newly infected with coronavirus have been registered in Serbia in the last 24 hours.

Source: B92

59 people died.

A total of 31.521 people were tested.

A total of 3.701 people were hospitalized.

There are currently 147 patients on respirators. The number of infected people on a daily basis is high, and there are more and more infected children. Vaccination has been slowed down, experts say, and they are telling citizens that this is the only sure way to protect themselves from more serious health complications caused by the coronavirus.

We remind you that the director of the Institute for Public Health "Dr Milan Jovanović Batut", Verica Jovanović, stated that Serbia is very close to reaching the record number of people infected with the coronavirus. According to her, it is expected that the highest intensity of the virus will be reached in the next ten days.

"However, we cannot claim that with certainty because a lot depends on us and our actions," she pointed out.


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