National holiday to be marked for the first time: Cavalry, helicopters and fireworks

Serbia and Republika Srpska mark today September 15, the Day of Serbian Unity, Freedom and the National Flag.

Source: Tanjug

The holiday Serbian Unity, Freedom and National Flag Day is being marked for the first time, and on that occasion, numerous manifestations will be held in Belgrade, while the central ceremony on Sava Square, next to the monument to Stefan Nemanja.

Today, President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, is visiting the display of weapons and military equipment, which the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Army are organizing in the Ušće Park in New Belgrade, Office for Media of the President of the Republic announced.

The program envisages that after the helicopter parade, the anthem of Serbia "God of Justice" will follow, which will be performed by the RTS choir, followed by the song "The Dawn is breaking" performed by Dejan Petrović and the Big Band.

Patriarch Porfirije, Serbian member of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Milorad Dodik, and President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic will address the ceremony. The program will end with the performance of the song "This is Serbia" and fireworks over Belgrade.

The holiday - the Serbian Unity, Freedom and National Flag Day was established last year, and it was chosen to be September 15 - the Day of the Breakthrough of the Salonika Front.

In order to establish this holiday, all our people, wherever they live, Serbs worldwide, are invited to display the Serbian national flag, one of the symbols of Serbia, on that day, where they live, on a house or building.

Tomorrow, the Assemblies of Serbia and RS should adopt the Law on the Use of the Serbian Language in Public Life and the Protection and Preservation of the Cyrillic Alphabet, an identical act, which defines the establishment of additional measures aimed at nurturing the Serbian language and Cyrillic alphabet, as well as cultural and traditional values, and the wider use of the Cyrillic alphabet in public life, given the historical, cultural and identity significance of that alphabet.

Closing the streets in Belgrade

Sava Square will be closed from 1 pm until late in the evening and the end of the program, and the successive closing of other central city roads will start at 5 pm, which is expected to last until 6:30 pm, except for the Sava Square area, which will be completely open around 2:00 am, the Secretary of the Secretariat for Emergency Situations of the City of Belgrade, Darko Glavas, told Tanjug.

The traffic will be redirected via Belgrade Waterfront between 5 pm and 6 pm near the Railway or Bus Station, and in that way it will be possible to circumvent the space where the gathering is being held.

The celebration will begin at 5:30 p.m., when the honorary artillery fire will be heard from Kalemegdan, and then the parade will start, moving in several lanes. The first of them will head from the monument to Vojvoda Vuk towards the Republic Square, while the second towards the central city square will start from the monument to Njegos from the Academic Plateau.

Afterwards, all the participants will head towards Slavija Square, and in parallel with them, the parade of the army in ceremonial uniforms with regimental flags will go towards Slavija from the monument to Karadjordje. Trumpeters and cavalry will be on Slavija, and the parade will continue after 6 pm towards the Government of Serbia.

Citizens from all directions will gather on Sava Square, near the monument of Stefan Nemanja, where a central ceremony will be held.


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