Why the issue of reintroducing curfew is not considered?

Acting Director of the "Batut" Institute, Verica Jovanovic, says that the Crisis Staff did not consider reintroducing the state of emergency and curfew.

Source: RTS

"COVID will be with us, measures will be introduced where the epidemiological situation requires such an option, we are closely monitoring it. At this moment, we are monitoring hotspots. We will save the elderly and people with chronic diseases, they are a population at risk. Measures should be applied because they will protect us from the transmission of the virus", Jovanovic said, as RTS reports.

The Director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic, Dr Goran Stevanovic, adds that reintroducing full closure can create a problem because after the closure, people want to go out and socialize more intensively.

"This practically means that measures to control mutual communication should be applied. We should go for a regional approach, and we have decided on that, so that measures are relaxed, and in regions where transmission is intensive, measures will be stronger. In the next period, we will have different levels of measures for different regions and depending on the movement of the number of infected and positive and the movement of the virus, we will face with the oscillation of measures in those regions as well", Stevanovic adds.

Stevanovic says that the beginning of the new school year is now too far away for them to be able to predict whether children will sit in the benches.

"I am also personally interested because I also have two students. I hope that the school year will start normally, it depends on how we will implement the measures, we can do that if we all work together," Stevanovic said, RTS reports.


276 newly infected, three died

According to the latest information, another 276 newly infected people have been registered in Serbia, while three have died.

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