Conference to gather leading global thinkers in Belgrade

The WORLD.MINDS conference will be held on May 23 at the National Theater in Belgrade.


The government announced the event, saying it was "a prestigious gathering of the world's leading innovators, scientists, business leaders and artists, who will present the ideas of the new age in an inspirational way."

Serbia is the first country in the world, next to Switzerland, to host this important symposium that gathers the greatest thinkers of the world. This Swiss organization regularly organizes its meetings every December in Zurich.

WORLD.MINDS community consists of more than 1,000 high-ranking individuals, including Nobel Prize winners, statesmen, scientists, university professors, ambassadors, writers who have made a significant contribution to science, art and business.

In this way, Belgrade will become a world center for the exchange of prestigious innovative solutions in the fields of robotics, astrophysics, medicine, molecular biology, psychology, marketing, art, and sports.

This year, Serbia will be represented by: Teslagram, a technology that is developing at the Institute of Physics and represents the best system of protection against counterfeiting, BioSens Institute, a research and development institute that develops, introduces and promotes advanced ICT solutions in agriculture and 3Lateral – the leading producer of digital human technology and creative content.

A special focus in Belgrade will be the participation of young researchers, students in doctoral and postdoctoral studies from Serbia and the region.


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