Net Patrol receives 250 reports in one month

Net Patrol launched on August 22, 2013 and in the first month of activity received more than 250 reports, about 85 percent of which were anonymous.

Source: B92

A smaller percentage of complaints was related to materials containing sexual abuse of minors, which have been processed and forwarded to the MUP Department for High Tech Crime, or other organizations that provide a mechanism for reporting illegal and harmful content in other countries, depending on where the server with the illegal material is located.

Net Patrol has called on everyone who encounters illegal material on the internet to visit its website and report all forms of illegal materials (photos, images and text).

"We are reminding that behind each photo or video that contains scenes of sexual abuse of minors, there is a child subjected to violence," the statement from the hotline service said.

More than 40 percent of all complaints are related to problems with Facebook accounts - including prevalent identity theft and unauthorized use of material from Facebook accounts of individuals.

"Net Patrol will be publishing tips on ways to protect your privacy, and the privacy of those in your care, online and on social networks," says the press release, with a link to an article on identity theft.

The Safer Internet Center launched the website last month.

Net Patrol provides citizens with an opportunity to easily and anonymously report content that they believe endangers someone, contains hate speech or sexually exploits children.


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