Organizers expect no incidents at Belgrade Pride

After incidents during the Pride Parade in Montenegro, organizers of the Belgrade Pride say they expect the walk on September 28 will pass without any incident.

Source: Tanjug

This year's Pride Week is planned to take place from September 20-28, and it will end with a walk through the city streets.

Goran Miletić, member of the Belgrade Pride Organization Committee, expects that everything will go just right, adding that considering the experience in previous years no prognosis should be made.

He said that a few coordination meetings have been held since the beginning of the year, and one of the biggest ones took place late in June and brought together representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the Interior Ministry, the Commissioner for Protection of Equality, and representatives of the Office for Human and Minority Rights and the city of Belgrade.

Miletić said that by banning the last year's Pride Parade the government has sent a number of sad messages, the first one being that it does not abide by its own laws since it cannot forbid such a gathering.

Suzana Paunović, director of the Office for Human and Minority Rights, said that the ruling which the Constitutional Court passed in April 2013 sent a clear message that denying the freedom of assembly for security reasons constitutes a violation of constitutionally guaranteed rights.

Paunović said that the Pride Parade is not only a walk through the streets, but that the Pride Week will comprise numerous events and round tables discussing improvement of position of the LGBT population.

“The walk will wrap up the activities. I believe that by the time we will manage to create necessary conditions for the walk to be held,” she underlined.

Commissioner for Protection of Equality Nevena Petrušić hopes that this year the Pride Parade will be held in a secure and safe surrounding.

“This is a way to show to everyone that as a society we are committed to the idea of human rights and that we are able to respect the right to difference,” Petrušić said.

She welcomed "the successful organization of the Pride Parade in Montenegro," adding that she believes that conditions will be fulfilled for the Pride Parade to be held in Serbia in a safe surrounding.


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