Decision postponed on allocating freed national license

The Radio Broadcasting Agency (RRA) did not on Tuesday as had been planned hold a session to allocated a freed national TV license.

Source: B92, VIP

The frequency was until last year used by the now defunct TV Avala.

Due to the unforeseen absence of several members, the president of the RRA Council postponed the session saying that “the important decision of using a national television frequency, should be brought in the full composition," states an RRA announcement.

Two television stations have applied for the vacant frequency - one of them TV Nova, is yet to begin broadcasting. The second, TV Kopernikus, broadcasts three channels in its own cable systems, and via other cable operators.

Deputy RRA President Goran Karadžić told B92 that there were "no pressures of any kind regarding who the agency will allocate the frequency," and that the session would be called in a few days - but could not specify a date.

According to the data announced previously, TV Nova is 100-percent owned by Media Holding from Belgrade.

Dutch BD Media Invest has an 85.1 percent stake in that holding company, while BD Media Invest, in turn, is owned by another Dutch company, New Amsterdam Cititrust, in which German citizens Matthias Dietel and Ulf Malte Iversen have 99 and one percent ownership stakes, respectively.

The minority owners of Media Holding are Vision Team ower Dragan Đurković from Belgrade (7.9 percent), and GMG Medua Group, owned by German citizen Urlich Brock (seven percent).

As for Niš-based KCN (Kopernikus Cable Network), it is owned by Zvezdan Milanović (47.71 percent directly, another 47.59 percent via the Twinel company). The remaining 4.7 percent are owned by Mitra Milanović, the RRA has announced.

The agency also interviewed representatives of several TV stations who applied to receive regional licences - TV Jedinstvo and TV NP from Novi Pazar, TV Telemark from Čačak, Moje TV from Belgrade, and Radio M from Knjaževac.


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