Schmidt tells Dodik: "Prepare for unpleasant moments"

The High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina Christian Schmit announced that he will be in Republika Srpska next week.

Source: Tanjug

He told the President of Srpska Milorad Dodik to, as he stated, "get ready for some unpleasant moments".

I actually have appointments there in the next few days and weeks, especially in Banja Luka, but also in other cities. I stick to it and recommend Mr. Dodik not to push his selfish moves anymore, Schmidt said.

Schmidt said this after President Dodik's announcement that starting next week he will be banned from entering the territory of Republika Srpska and that, if he comes, he will be arrested and deported. Dodik said that a special regulation will be passed on this matter.

Schmidt, who is not recognized as a high representative in Republika Srpska because his appointment has not been confirmed in the UN Security Council, as stipulated in the Dayton Peace Agreement, says he does not think he will be arrested. I am protected by the Vienna Diplomatic Convention and therefore enjoy immunity. Even so, Dodik would not have the authority to arrest me or order my arrest because he does not have the authority to give orders to the police. The prosecution would have to clarify that first. Dodik already tried to report me to the Republic of Srpska, and the smart Banja Luka Public Prosecutor's Office, as a precautionary measure, immediately forwarded this case to the State Public Prosecutor's Office in Sarajevo, from whom I have not heard anything further," said Schmidt and added:

"Last but not least, Dodik's behavior is a slap in the face to the EU, which is trying to improve the rule of law in Bosnia. It is a mistake to think that there are special rights or special regulations for him. Therefore, Mr. Dodik should prepare for some pretty unpleasant moments'', Sarajevo media reported.


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