"If masks are not mandatory, we are not responsible for the health of students"

In Montenegro, it was decided to start the school year by shortening the classes to 30 minutes, while the strict recommendation is to wear a mask at school.

Source: CDM

But, according to the CDM portal, the Ministry of Education cannot exclude from school any child who does not wear a mask due to their legal right to education.

Although the Institute of Public Health recommended that masks be mandatory - this was not accepted.

The director of that Institute, Igor Galić, said for Podgorica's Pobjeda that he could not comment on that decision until they officially received it. He pointed out that the position of the profession should be unique and explained that when they receive an official position from the Ministry of Education, the working group will then consider it.

According to Pobjeda, Galic sent an e-mail to some members of the working group on Tuesday to disagree with the decision of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports that wearing masks would not be mandatory.

"Wearing masks in the classroom and school is mandatory, if it is not fulfilled, we are not responsible for the health of students in schools. If our amendment is not adopted, we do not agree with the conclusions of the meeting", he stated in the e-mail, which Pobjeda had an insight into.

Galic briefly told Pobjeda that they represent the position of the profession, and that he would not comment on anything further.


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