What will happen to North Macedonia - a new name on hold

North Macedonia's President Stevo Pendarovski says the use of the country's new name will be on hold until the start of accession talks with the European Union

Source: Tanjug

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President Pendarovski explains that it will be on hold until the accession negotiations with the EU begin as a part of the Prespa Agreement that deals with internal and external communication and the use of the new state name.

He also added that North Macedonia will become a NATO member in a few months, thanks to the Prespa Agreement.

"The Prespa Agreement was the main reason why NATO member states approved our membership. If not in November or December, then we will certainly become a full member of the Alliance in the first four months of 2020, and it is a direct product of the Prespa Agreement", Pendarovski stated in the interview for Greek television Alpha.

Commenting on European leaders' decision to delay the start of accession talks with North Macedonia and Albania, Pendarovski said it was a real shock to everyone, not just him and the citizens, but the entire political elite in the country.

He added that all political leaders, whether from the government or the opposition, agreed that North Macedonia had delivered all that was required, but that the EU had once again surprisingly said that the country was not ready".


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