Brnabić: A shameful lie; Vučić is now "to blame" for the arrival of Wozniak

Ana Brnabić stated that it is unbelievable that even for the phenomenal thing like the arrival of Steve Wozniak, Aleksandar Vučić is to blame by the opposition.

Source: B92

She was hosted on the morning program of television K1 and resolutely denied that Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of the Apple company, was paid to come to Serbia and added that politicians and certain media are only making such accusations.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Janko Tipsarevic, who one day called President Vučić, and then the president called me, and told me that Steve Wozniak adores Serbia. He heard that we are hosting the Expo and that he really wants to visit Belgrade. Then I called Janko and said I was sure it was a scam or a joke, I didn't believe it would happen. But here, Steve Wozniak loves Serbia, he wanted to come, he came and here he is.

We are talking about some future projects together, considering that Mr. Wozniak is a great philanthropist and invests a lot in education. He runs several foundations, and they are mostly focused on education, which is exactly what our focus is. We completed the program of connecting schools to high-speed Internet, in which we invested 60 million euros, and therefore we can introduce programming in all schools," she added.

"We introduced art and IT departments because creativity and critical thinking is something we have to strengthen. We are one of the 11 countries in the world that introduced the basics of artificial intelligence into its education system. And the consequence of all these investments is that since the beginning of the year, 5.357, mostly young people, got a job in the IT sector. This is a completely new perspective for our country," Brnabić pointed out.

Prime Minister denied the allegations of certain media that the arrival of Steve Wozniak cost all the citizens of Serbia and that the Serbian Progressive Party brought him to Belgrade for the election.

"Unfortunately, it is very difficult to promote good news in our country. No one paid him to come to Serbia, to be completely clear. Not a single dinar. What the tycoon media is saying only speaks about them and what kind of election campaign they are running. Steve Wozniak loves Serbia, he heard about us because of everything we've done in the past few years, and I don't know why it's hard for anyone to believe that. He is a man who chose the date when he will visit Serbia, and now imagine how frivolous it would be if the co-founder of Apple calls you and says that he wants to come to your country, and you say - please don't let the opposition and independent media get angry now," Brnabić said.

Prime Minister said that the biggest projects that are currently being built in Europe in two areas - science and culture - are precisely in the Republic of Serbia.

"Bio4 campus is the largest scientific project being built in Europe. It is a project that will completely change Serbia, believe me. A bioeconomic hub in Belgrade, where innovative medicines and innovative therapies will be produced and will be more accessible to our citizens. Next year, we will also start construction of the Concert halls in Belgrade, which, according to the amount of investment, is the largest cultural project in the whole of Europe. We are waiting for the building permit and we are starting construction. This is something that Ivan Tasovac left us as a task. And all this will happen and be completed if we don't allow Serbia to stop on December 17'', Brnabić concluded.


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