We Warned You – What You Did in Serbia Was Inhumane

Maria Zakharova warned Kyiv about the dangerous consequences of using cluster munitions, which could turn Ukraine into a country unsuitable for living.

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Ilustracija, foto: EPA-EFE/Dejan Tasic
Ilustracija, foto: EPA-EFE/Dejan Tasic

The bombing of Yugoslavia with cluster munitions during the 1990s was an inhumane experiment by NATO countries, which demonstrated the real consequences of using such munitions on live individuals, she said in an interview with "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

She reminded that from 2015 to 2017, the Italian parliament published a 252-page document explaining how dangerous the use of depleted uranium is and what kind of consequences Italian soldiers who used this weapon in the 1990s faced.

In the areas where cluster munitions were used, the number of cancer patients increased multiple times, and every twentieth Italian soldier who had direct contact with the mentioned munitions died from cancer in a severe condition, Zakharova said.

After recalling the suffering experienced by the population of the former Yugoslavia, especially Serbia, the spokeswoman then turned her attention to the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine and warned that the same threat now hangs over Ukraine.

"Unfortunately, the threat that Russia has repeatedly warned the Ukrainian population about is now being realized on Ukrainian territory. Due to the radioactive and highly toxic American and British munitions with depleted uranium, Ukraine is becoming a country unsuitable for living," she said, as reported by Russia Today Balkan.

As an example, Zakharova mentioned the Khmelnytskyi region in western Ukraine, not far from the border with Poland, which was known to house a stockpile of cluster munitions. In that region, after an explosion at the depot in May, a significant increase in radioactivity was observed. This is likely the reason why increased radioactivity was also noticed in certain western parts of Poland, she explained.

By all indications, all soil, all land under the cloud that rose from the detonated depot, as well as the land nearby, is already contaminated with radionuclides," Zakharova warned. According to her, a long period and a large amount of money will be needed for the recovery of this land.

Therefore, as she stated, "Ukrainians should understand that the British are delivering real poison to them," practically guaranteeing them cancerous tumors. Because of this, Ukrainians must demand that munitions with depleted uranium be removed from their country as soon as possible.


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