Serbian Army in a state of heightened combat readiness: "We're equipped and armed..."

Minister of Defense, Miloš Vučević, stated that Serbia will not give up on the request to form the Community of Serbian Municipalities on the so-called Kosovo.

Source: Beta

Vucevic told Happy television that the CSM is "a form of autonomy" and a guarantee that "the Serbian community can live in those areas" and reminded that the EU is "the guarantor of that agreement".

He pointed out that "Serbia must remain committed to peace and stability", and that the main interest is "to preserve peace".

"We need economic and defensive strengthening of Serbia. We do not want conflicts, but no one has a dilemma that Serbia will protect its citizens and that a new 'Storm' will not happen. The army is equipped and armed, and we support and want politics to solve political issues, not the army," said Vucevic.

Serbian Army has been in a state of heightened combat readiness, by order of the President of the country, Aleksandar Vučić, since November 2, after the appearance of drones that were said to have been monitoring military facilities from the direction of Kosovo.


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