Vučić: "No one will, not even NATO"

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, commented today on the dialogue with the Prime Minister of the temporary institutions in Pristina, Albin Kurti.

Source: B92

He said he was very skeptical of any results being achieved.

"All they said was that they were going to impose their will. They don't care what Belgrade will say, so I don't even know what the dialogue is for. Those who said that we should discuss the CSM, and that it must be in accordance with the constitution of Kosovo, let me ask them, are they kidding? Then, what did we negotiate about?" asked Vučić.

As he says, "we made so much efforts for months, and they want it to be in accordance with the constitution of Kosovo".

Then, he adds, we don't need anything. As he says, they want to put pressure on Serbia. Vučić told Quint that they are coming in good faith, but they could only dream of forcing us to take part in the destruction of our country.

"Several times I have pointed to the statements that are preparing the ground, in which I guess they want to inform me how they will put it all into practice. Ok, tell us that law does not exist, that you are not interested in Resolution 1244, as well as UN law, which you mention so much when it comes to the conflict in Ukraine, but when it comes to this part of Europe and the world, you are not interested in that," said Vučić.

As he says, they can do what they want, but it will not be with the blessing and consent of Serbia. "I believe that in September we will go to the Assembly to analyze the situation on Kosovo and Metohija, that is our obligation. People should hear what our obligation is and I hope that reason will prevail," said Vučić.

Vučić said that he will not allow anyone to open fire on anyone and that lies were published in all the world's media, that Serbia is attacking someone.

"They have nothing to brag about, so they go with fabrications. They mention Russia, and even Zakharova said that we didn't ask for any help. What else are you inventing? We have our country and the Constitution, international law on our side. They are preparing the liquidations of our people in the north", said Vučić and added that he warned them not to do that.

Vučić said that he hopes for a peaceful solution, adding that their illegal parents will force them to do so, of course, he adds, in a political sense. "I hope and believe that many will have enough strength, not to say the word coercion, but some kind of influence to do something. I hope for that, that's why I'm going to Brussels. We're going to Brussels to find a solution, and do I believe that we will succeed, well, I don't," Vucic said.

The president said that Escobar is an intelligent man, who often underestimates him, adding that he is sure that he would not like to see any problems or any conflicts.

"I'm sure that the Americans would not like conflicts, while some others would be fine with it. Kurti especially, because he wants to turn the whole world against Serbia," said Vučić.

He adds that there will be a lot of talks, but he also believes that Kurti should not be comfortable with any kind of conflict. When it comes to the presentation of his personal data in the daily newspaper "Danas", Vučić said that he has never sued a single journalist, and he will not do it now either.

"As for the address, it's a bit complicated now, because my older children lost their mother, so it's a bit pointless that they did that. Let them do what they want. We live in a time when I care about other things a little more than that", Vucic said.

As he says, it is expected that the state has to solve all the problems, and on the other hand, we get all kinds of nonsense. "We are fighting and trying to solve the problems. But you can't blame the state if the air conditioner in someone's house doesn't work or if Red Star and Partizan play badly," said Vučić.

The president announced that he will talk about all current topics in "Prva Theme" on TV Prva on Friday starting at 9 p.m.


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