Vučić in Niš: "People want deeds" VIDEO / PHOTO

Serbian Progressive Party is holding a pre-election rally in Nis. SNS President Aleksandar Vučić will speak at it.

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Foto: SNS
Foto: SNS

A large number of citizens gathered in Nis to welcome Vučić, and the welcome was completed by trumpeters. The pre-election rally in Nis is being held in the "Cair" sports hall.

At the very beginning of the address, Vučić was greeted by the full hall with loud applause.

"Thank you very much for this incredible welcome," said Vucic.

"People, I won't bother you too much, ten, fifteen minutes... I came to say thank you very much for everything we have done in previous years. We always look with dissatisfaction at what has been done. But if you remember how much factories they destroyed, we never dreamed we could recover", he said.

Vučić emphasized that there is no strong Serbia without a strong Niš. He reminded how many factories have been opened in Nis in the past period, but he also announced new ones that will be opened.

"On Sunday, we had 12.150 passengers on the Belgrade-Novi Sad line, and we want to have over 30.000 people a day on the Belgrade-Nish high-speed railway that we are building, and Nis will get a high-speed railway after all these highways," he said.

"We want more factories in Nis because we are still not satisfied with what we have done so far," Vucic emphasized. He drew attention to the fact that the SNS list includes people who were always there for Serbia when it was the hardest.

"Today, they are attacking Nikola Jokić and all the athletes who support me. I ask you, is this your campaign? People are fed up with hatred, people want to see deeds," said Vučić.

"People are fed up with dirty campaigns, they want a decent Serbia and deeds, that's why they are attacking them. The other day we were in Kragujevac, and some guys were playing tricks and showing their middle finger and swearing. I guess they expect us to fight. We won't! We will give the answer on April 3 with paper and pencil. We want peace and stability, a decent and normal Serbia. My answer to them is the following - do not curse my mother, but at least put one brick and some plaster, just do something," said the president.

"Can it be better? It can always be better. Have we changed the image of the country, yes? It is important for us to preserve peace and stability. I cannot participate in the hysteria of expelling Dostoevsky... Serbia is on its own, it has always been free and no one he can blackmail us", he said.

Vučić says that rounding off number 1 and number 6 is the only thing he will do to his opponents. "We protect our sky and our country ourselves. We cooperate with NATO, but we cannot forget Aleksinac and Grdelica gorge, nor little Bojana, Milica and Sanja," he pointed out.

"I am waiting for the elections to pass, and then I will show you something new in the armament of the Serbian Army, to see how much stronger we are", said Vučić.

"And we are stronger not to attack others, but to keep the peace. That it never occurs to anyone to attack our country and our children," he said. Vučić also thanked the pensioners for their support and for enduring fiscal consolidation measures. Our goal is a salary higher than 1.000 euros, and a pension higher than 500 euros. These are the most important things for us, so that young people can return to their country. On June 1, 2 and 3, young people will receive another 100 euros to learn to be more responsible", said Vučić.

He says that no one can stop a decent Serbia anymore, and that people are not afraid of tweets and shows.

"People have a lot of hatred, and that's why they want to vote for Serbia. I spent more time in Nis than all the presidents together since 1945. I love this city, and I invested my knowledge and energy in moving the Nisava district forward. I'm doing my best, and I'm sorry if I didn't live up to expectations. Thank you for welcoming me like this, I know I won't have this opportunity again," he said.

Vučić promised the residents of Niš that he would do a lot more for their city, and added that he would be sad if he did not get 60% of the votes in the first round. "And so I ask you to show that those who do not attack anyone, who speak positively, do not have to be punished. Thank you very much for this fantastic welcome, I will remember it while I am alive," he said.

"Let's defeat them together and defeat them more convincingly than ever. Let Serbia move forward. Long live Nis. Long live our Serbia," said Vucic at the end of his address.

Foto: SNS
Foto: SNS


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