More than 1.000 public figures support Vučić, many SANU academics and sports legends

Today, more than 1.000 public figures supported the SNS candidate Aleksandar Vučić for the presidency of Serbia.

Source: B92

SANU academics Vladimir Kanjuh, Ljubisa Rakic, Bela Balint, Svetislav Bozic and Jovan Hadzi Djokic supported SNS leader Aleksandar Vucic for the presidential election.

Among the celebrities, Vučić was joined by public figures, such as Aca Lukas, Oliver Mandić, Nikola Rokvic, Sasa Matic, Zeljko Samardzic, Svetlana Raznatovic, Radmila Zivkovic, Ljubisa Ristic, and many others. Just to reiterate, the elections in Serbia will be held on April 3, and the SNS list already includes prominent personalities from all spheres of life - there are also famous scientists, doctors, artists, athletes.

Among them are Professor Stojan Radenović, Dr Danica Grujičić, Dr Marija Zdravković, Jelena Begović. Among the prominent names gathered around the Progressives are actor Lazar Ristovski, Jadranka Jovanović, Jovan Kolundžija, basketball player Marko Kešelj...

Writer Ljljana Habjanović Djurović supports Aleksandar Vučić

FOTO TANJUG/ GO Srpske napredne stranke
FOTO TANJUG/ GO Srpske napredne stranke

Writer Ljljana Habjanović Djurović will support the list "Aleksandar Vučić - Together we can do everything" in the upcoming elections.

She spoke for "Novosti" about the reasons why she decided to trust Aleksandar Vučić and the Serbian Progressive Party.

"I will speak not as a writer, but as a citizen, about what is important to all people, regardless of their profession. First of all, infrastructure - roads, bridges, railways. Many cities and many places are better connected today. For example, to Pranjani, my husband's hometown, we used to arrive in two and a half hours, now we arrive in just an hour. Then, economic activity revived which was dead, especially after the bombing. Many people got a chance to work. My hometown Krusevac was referred to by my young relatives as a 'dead city'. Now it really isn't like that anymore, factories, new jobs and new opportunities for all citizens have been opened," she said.

According to her, there is one thing that we are already forgetting, and that is that we were among the first in the world to have vaccines against COVID-19.

As she says, who wanted to be vaccinated - got vaccinated, who didn't want to - didn't, it's a matter of personal choice, but the most important thing is that every citizen had the opportunity to protect himself from the coronavirus.

Furthermore, as she says, a very important thing is foreign policy. We have been under constant pressure for the last 30 years. Serbia is "between Scylla and Charybdis", and President Vučić is successfully finding a passage for our ship, so that it can sail peacefully.

"President Vučić also shows great care for our people outside the borders of Serbia - Serbs in the Republic of Srpska and Montenegro are equally important. What is of great importance to young people is that they can now solve the housing issue with very little investment. It was very different, if the parents could not provide an apartment, it was very, very difficult. Now that opportunity is available to young people. Another important thing is a good relationship with the Serbian Orthodox Church. Throughout Serbian history, our country has been the most stable when the state and the church were in good relations, and now it is exactly like that", said Ljiljana Habjanović Djurović for "Novosti".

There is an increasing number of public figures who support the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, and many of them are from the world of sports.

Vučić was joined by the best Serbian basketball players Nikola Jokić, Bobi Marjanović, Vasilije Vasa Micić, as well as the legendary Željko Rebrača, Kurir has learned.


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