Albanians plan incursions to northern Kosovo and Metohija: "Now they have a reason"

We have entered a period of constant danger from possible new actions of Pristina, Head of the Assembly Committee for Kosovo and Metohija, Milovan Drecun, said.

Source: B92, RTS

They have now banned bitcoin mining, which could be a reason for special forces to invade northern Kosovo and Metohija to search the terrain, he believes.

Drecun said that on the eve of Christmas, Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija fear possible unilateral actions by Pristina with the use of special units and violence, that they are disenfranchised and turned into second-class citizens, and that they do not have a safe life.

"They are afraid because Pristina does not show an intention to change the situation for the better, to create conditions for the return of the expelled, which does not want to commit to dialogue with Belgrade, which does not want to implement what was agreed, especially when it comes to the Community of Serbian Municipalities. Serbs justifiably fear for their survival and future in Kosovo and Metohija," Drecun said.

Although there are no signs that indicate that a larger concrete action of special units is being prepared, he adds, the possibility of escalation cannot be ruled out in any case, because the preconditions have been created, as he says, for something like that.

"You can see that they have introduced a state of emergency in the field of energy, that there are constant restrictions on electricity. Albanians support that, because Kurti constantly goes with the story that northern Kosovo is to blame for these power shortages and Serbia, as well as the story of electricity billing in the north, which raises his rating among Albanians", Drecun said.

He points out that we have entered a period of constant danger from possible new, unilateral actions of Pristina, with the use of special units.

"They banned the so-called bitcoin mining. We have been saying for a long time that there is a lot of electricity consumption in two villages, Vinarce and Suvi Do, where Albanians secretly consume electricity because of that bitcoin mining. Now they have banned it, which could be a reason for special units to storm north and search the terrain, to see who is still engaged in mining and uses large amounts of electricity", warns Drecun.

He points out that KFOR can only prevent the incursion of special units. "It is good that the commander of KFOR is a Hungarian general, that members of the Hungarian KFOR contingent are on standby in the next six months. I think they will have enough understanding," said Drecun, hosted in the Morning Program.

Drecun states that the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina also affects Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, because the issues on the agenda are related to their daily lives.

"The issue of property is on the agenda of the dialogue. It is very important for the survival of the Serbian people and for the return of the expelled. Freedom of movement is an integral part of that, as well as the question of whether you will have regular electricity and jobs, whether you will be able to educate children normally...", Drecun points out.

President of the Assembly Committee for Kosovo and Metohija concludes that "temporary institutions in Kosovo and Metohija encourage extremists and discourage Serbian people from staying in Kosovo and Metohija", as well as that Pristina constantly undermines the dialogue.


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