Vučić regarding violence at opposition protests: "They were armed"

Tonight, President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, spoke about the violence caused by opposition sympathizers and their members at the roadblock in Šabac.

Source: B92

He says that the story about the protests started with people who were attacked with hammers, and that it is only now that their heroes can be seen taking axes and hammers out of the tractor.

"Those who were supposed to be bare-handed people were armed, and attacked the people who did not break the law. People must know that blocking roads is not in accordance with the law, and is contrary to every law of all countries. They endanger other people, who do not share their views", Vucic said.

He states that the police must not secure any protest that blocks the roads, because that is not in accordance with the law.

"The police should say that it is illegal, and that they do not participate in illegal acts. All responsibility is on those who break the law, and they will be held accountable for that. We reported each of our gatherings, as well as the walk to RTS in which Ranko Panic was killed, each one was legal. None of the rallies last week, except the one in the Arena, was in accordance with the law. You can be as disobedient as you want, but you cannot break the law," the president said. Vučić emphasized that he is extremely proud of the police, who did not use water cannons, and that he hopes that Prokić from Šabac will not lose his eye. "My advice to the police is to get away, to let them go, and to show the whole of Serbia how long this harassment can last, and I ask the citizens to refrain from reacting, not to attack those people, to let them make fun of us for a few hours. It doesn't occur to me to listen to the street and serve street thugs", he said. He wondered on what the 100.000 euros that those who organize the protests received were spent.

"It seems that Serbia is for sale to someone. It is not for me, and I will not pander to anyone. The claim that Serbia is facing a civil war is nonsense, our desire to build democracy is so strong that we will remain calm and peaceful. Don't forget that during our demonstrations, one regime killed a man, so they hid his murder. Such things will not happen to us. As for the government, we will be absolutely responsible, and we are only interested in how long this harassment and terrorizing can last", he said.


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