"Kosovo's Government to return land to Visoki Decani monastery"

Heads of missions of France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and USA are worried because Kosovo institutions have not yet registered land of the Decani monastery.

Source: Kosovo online
Ilustration: Deposit photos/Dudlajzov
Ilustration: Deposit photos/Dudlajzov

They remain concerned that, despite constant calls from the international community and the judiciary, no legal registration of land has been carried out, in accordance with the decision of the Constitutional Court from 2016, it is stated in the joint statement of the Quint countries.

As it is pointed out, "the non-implementation of this and other court decisions undermines the government's commitment to the implementation of the rule of law and its respect for an independent judiciary".

Quint statement on the non-implementation of the constitutional court decision on the lawful registration of the Decani Monastery’s land follows: "Implementation of these decisions is a fundamental democratic responsibility necessary for the democratic consolidation of Kosovo and future Euro-Atlantic integration. We once again urge the Kosovo government to set aside political disagreements, accept its democratic responsibilities and fully implement all court decisions," the statement said.


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