Media: Chaos on the streets of Serbia envisaged; "Participants sprinkled with purple"

After the announcements that blockades would be organized in Serbia again, media state that it will be "chaotic" because citizens who oppose it have spoken up.

Source: Tanjug, Blic, Kurir
EPA-EFE Andrej Cukic
EPA-EFE Andrej Cukic

It should be reminded that the "Go-start" initiative announced that they would block highways throughout Serbia during the protest on Saturday, but the newspaper Kurir states that the announcement of the "Purple Revolution" association has arrived in their editorial office, announcing that they will mark all cars with purple paint which will take part in the blockade.

"The Association of Citizens 'Purple Revolution' invites citizens who oppose the violence of the minority against the majority, to come on Saturday, December 4, 'armed' with cans of purple paint and mark all cars that try to block traffic. Members of the association invite citizens to show, in a non-violent way, the citizens of Serbia those who endanger their basic human rights", it is stated in the letter of this association, which was transmitted by Kurir.

However, that would mean that the situation will be more tense than at the protests that took place last weekend. "There is a real fear that it will happen again, and maybe even a more serious situation will happen than the one last weekend, when the minority terrorized the majority during several protests in several Serbian cities, and everything passed with physical conflicts," the Kurir newspaper stated.

Belgrade newspaper "Blic" also reported that there is a possibility of a conflict on the streets of the cities. Referring to the "Informer" newspaper, "Blic" reported that a counter-protest was being prepared on Saturday.


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