Vučić: "It is irresponsible towards the citizens, that is all I have to say" VIDEO

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, stated that he would be vaccinated tomorrow or on Wednesday.

Source: B92
Printscreen: buducnostsrbijeav
Printscreen: buducnostsrbijeav

He addressed the press after the handover of the new high-speed train "Stadler KISS".

The president referred to media allegations that some ministers did not want to be vaccinated against coronavirus.

"I will probably do it at the Belgrade Fair. I don't know who has not been vaccinated in the Government of Serbia, but I think it is extremely irresponsible towards the citizens. That is all I have to say," Vucic stated.

Vučić pointed out that he also witnessed greater hypocrisy.

The president also commented on the epidemiological situation in the country. He stated that the numbers are decreasing, but he pointed out that the coronavirus in Novi Sad is still not fading.

"For the fifth morning in a row, the number of infected people is decreasing, some journalists are not dealing with real statistics. There has been a special decline in Belgrade," he added.


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