If Albanians invade Valac? "That would be chaotic, Serbia must prevent a new exodus"

President Vučić recently warned that Albanians plan to take Valač in Kosovo and Metohija in the coming period. Zubenica: This is very realistic scenario.

Source: B92, M.Lj.

As the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, pointed out, the capture of Valač would be catastrophic for our people, and he stated that he was worried because the Albanians demonstrated that international agreements were not valid for them.

Vučić said that "those who plan to do that were grossly deceived".

"I'm not sure it will be good news for them either. They have to think thoroughly about their decisions. We have nowhere to go, we can only make forced moves, not through our own fault," Vucic said on Tuesday after meeting with Socialist Party of Serbia officials.

Political analyst Michel Zubenica told B92.net that the scenario that President Vučić spoke about was very realistic.

"The threat is real, as we have seen the activities of the Pristina authorities that they are ready for armed conflicts and that they are ready to provoke incidents only to strengthen the (Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin) Kurti politically. A second round of local elections awaits him which are crucial for him in order to remain in power. Given the intervention of ROSU in northern Kosovo, we have seen that it is ready for potential victims", Zubenica told our portal.

He explained that it is no secret that the Albanians have a strategic goal of conquering the north of Kosovo and Metohija.

"They want to surround the territory and gain complete control. Their goal is to further contribute to the fear of the Serbian population. In addition, they have the green light of foreign centers of power. The fear of the President of Serbia is realistic, I'm sure there is intelligence data that something like that is planned for the future", said this analyst. Zubenica is explicit in the position that, if that intrusion took place, it would represent a new crisis in Europe and the world.

"It would cause a complete instability. It would be a chaos in the Balkans and it would represent a new crisis not only in this area, but also in Europe and the world. I am sure that then the great powers would jump in with their plans on how to end it. The big question is how Serbia would act, on the one hand, Serbia is obliged to protect its citizens wherever they are, Serbia must prevent a new exodus of the Serb population and it is obliged to intervene even militarily in the event of an attack. On the other hand, it would also mean a conflict with the most powerful countries in the world, primarily the western ones, because NATO is still present in Kosovo and there are key security structures there", Zubenica explained.

"All possible risks and consequences of such a reaction should be well assessed. What is important is that Serbia stands in every possible way to protect its population in Kosovo and Metohija," he added.

The struggle of Germany and Great Britain

The President of the Assembly Committee for Kosovo and Metohija, Milorad Drecun, recently said on TV Prva that there was a connection between the presence of members of the British special forces "Gurka" in the southern province, and that was a few days before the recent incursion of ROSU units into northern Kosovo and Metohija.

The incursion into the north of Kosovo and Metohija was somewhat condemned by the head of the diplomacy of the European Union, Josep Borrell, and Zubenica pointed out that it has already become public that it is clear that the Albanians have the support of Great Britain.

"It was seen in public, it is no longer hidden, Great Britain is the one who absolutely supports Pristina in those intentions. On the other hand, there are other Western structures. There is a struggle for influence in the Balkans, even between Western countries. For example, Germany and the United Kingdom are competing in terms of who will prevail here," Zubenica told B92.net.

"Germany now supports Serbia even more in some of its intentions and activities, and Great Britain wants to displace the Serbian factor from neighboring countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Kosovo remains a common point of Western countries that it should be an independent state.

The United States today has more ear for Serbian interests than usual, but it is strange that Great Britain has more active diplomacy and policy in this area after Brexit than it had before," he added.

We have the support of Russia and China, but...


Asked whether and to what extent Serbia can count on the support of powers like Russia and China, he said it could, but explained that there was a problem.

"You can count on their support and their policy is in line with the policy of Serbia. The problem is that they do not have enough influence and presence in this area, they do not have the strength to help Serbia in case of a more serious crisis. Russia has problems on its borders... They can help rhetorically, with exerting some pressure, conditions, criticism of the West and international organizations. Sometimes it can happen that the EU's reaction is sharper because of Russia's support for Serbia... Serbia is seen as Russia's younger brother and they connect these things. Kosovo, and the support of Russia and China can condition the West not to completely side with the Albanians," Zubenica states.


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