Message to British Ambassador: He should name the criminals he referred to earlier

Stefanovic had urged UK Ambassador to Kosovo to disclose the names of the criminals that he strongly advised the citizens of Kosovo not to vote for

Source: Tanjug
Tanjug, Sava Radovanović
Tanjug, Sava Radovanović

"I would love to hear the names of those criminals, as they used to convince us that there is no crime on Kosovo. Then, they suddenly urge people to deny votes to the criminals", Nebojsa Stefanovic Serbia's Internal Affairs Minister says.

He added that they refer to the politicians of Albanian origin.

Stefanovic said that Serbia would love to hear the names of those criminals "given that when Serbia submits warrants for urgent arrests, there are no response, while we are all aware what crimes had been committed by those people, starting from Haradinaj to Thaci".

"It would be useful for the Ambassador to disclose their names, although I am against the ambassadors interfering into politics as this is not part of their job... He should also say whether he possesses any evidence for that, because if he does, it would be good to share those findings with the international tribunal and judiciary", Stefanovic concluded.

Outgoing UK Ambassador to Pristina Rory O'Connel had urged the citizens of Kosovo to deny their support on the forthcoming elections to the politicians "who used to steal and commit other crimes", while giving patriotic statements.


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