Peace, stability only interest of Serbia in region

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said today that the focus of Serbia is education and schools, not arms and the army.


She stressed that she has never even called on war, as interpreted by some foreign media, but on peace and stability.

Brnabic told reporters during a tour of the Serbian-Korean Information and Access Centre that she is very sorry about the manner in which some of the world's media interpreted her yesterday's statement, because "it turned out" that Serbia was threatening.

From my speech in which I called on peace and reason dozens of times, they pulled out a half of my sentence. It turns out that Serbia is threatening with something, I am sorry about that, but it is a deep-rooted perception of us against which we must fight, Brnabic said.

She added that she has not read a line in foreign media about Serbs in Kosovo not having the newspapers in their own language for 15 days, and we are talking about Europe in the 21st century.

According to Brnabic, nobody writes about whether the Serbs in Kosovo will await Christmas without knowing whether they will have heating or medicines, and that neither Reuters nor AP reported whether Serbs in Kosovo have basic human rights.

I call on now for people abroad to be informed about what is the basic civilisation norm, regardless of whether you prefer Belgrade or Pristina, Serbs or Albanians, and once again I appeal to peace and understanding, she said.

The Prime Minister stated that she wants to talk about schools and young people who should stay in the region and have a perspective because without them there is no future for all of us.

No rifle and army, but education and schools, does anyone really want to make war in 2020 and have we not learned anything from the past, the Prime Minister said.

Brnabic added that she sent a message to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in which she thanked him for a direct and unequivocal statement in which he called for peace and reason, adding that his message was not only important for Serbia and Serbs, but for Albanians and Pristina and the entire region.

I thank him immensely, it is necessary for the region to return to the path of dialogue, Brnabic said.

Asked what is the benefit of both sides clinging with weapons' and what is a compromise solution for Serbia, Brnabic said that she disagreed that both sides would speak the language of weapons and that Serbia's only interest is peace and stability, compromise and reason.

It scares me when Pristina says that it is not interested in what NATO says, the Brussels agreement or the constitution, but they insist on the army. Why this, when there is their police, KFOR, NATO, Brnabic asked.

She pointed out that she hopes that Serbia will never have to use its army, either now or in the future.

We have had enough of it, let us fight with innovations, with science. But what if someone wants to carry out ethnic cleansing, what would any Prime Minister in Europe say, Brnabic said.


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