Vucic-Zaev call statement doesn't mention Kosovo, or spies

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Wednesday had "a long and open" telephone conversation, it has been announced.

Source: B92

They considered "all the newly-created circumstances."

A joint statement said that the Serbian president and Macedonian prime minister reached agreement on five points, cited as follows:

"The Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia will resolve any possible disagreement in their mutual relations exclusively through dialogue;

Regardless of any political differences on certain important political and regional issues, Serbia and Macedonia will jointly fight not only to preserve, but also to promote friendly relations between the Serbian and Macedonian people and the citizens of Serbia and Macedonia;

The Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia will make even greater efforts to further improve economic relations and increase trade between the two countries;

In accordance with international public-legal regulations, the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia shall, in good faith and on a friendly basis, protect the rights and interests of diplomatic and consular missions on their territory;

The Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia will intensify mutual communication at the highest level, support each other on the European path and contribute to the stability of the region by strengthening good neighborly relations."

Not much can be inferred from this joint statement - while the reasons behind this week's diplomatic drama between Belgrade and Skopje - the latter's u-turn on a policy announced three months ago, and support for Pristina's UNESCO membership, and its "offensive intelligence work directed against Serbia's institutions and organs" - are not even mentioned.

Late on August 20, Serbia withdrew the entire staff of its embassy in Skopje.


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