Russia vetoes British resolution on Srebrenica

The British draft resolution on Srebrenica has not been adopted by the United Nations Security Council, because Russia vetoed it.

Source: B92

Earlier in the day, Russia suggested that the document should not be put up for a vote at all.

But the voting did take place, with ten out of the Council's 15 members voting in favor, one against, while four abstained.

As the "no" vote came from a permanent member, the draft failed.

Among those who abstained was China, which on Tuesday asked for the voting to be postponed until consensus had been reached among all Council members.

During the debate, the British representative said that the draft "does not accuse the Serb people, because crimes were committed by all sides and there have been victims on all sides."

The Russian veto - the second it used when it comes to UN resolutions relating to the Balkan conflicts, and the first since 1994 - was immediately criticized by Britain as "shocking" and disrespectful of "the memory of all those who were killed in the genocide."

The United States said the veto was "a new blemish on the reputation of the United Nations."

Albania and Germany also criticized the Russian veto.

Beside China, Nigeria, Angola, and Venezuela abstained, while the United States, Britain, France, Spain, Lithuania, New Zealand, Chad, Jordan, Malaysia, and Chile voted in favor.

The session today started with the Council observing a minute's silence in memory of the victims from Srebrenica, something that was proposed by Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, who then said that the proposed draft was "politically motivated, and contributed to divisions and conflict and new tensions in Bosnia-Herzegovina."

Churkin said his country was in favor of investigating all crimes committed in the Balkans, including those against the Serb people.


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