Extra police to be deployed on border with Hungary

Top officials of the police forces of Serbia, Hungary, Austria and Germany have agreed on greater cooperation as they work to prevent illegal migration.

Source: Tanjug

Serbian Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic met in Belgrade on Monday with German Federal Police chief Dieter Roman, Hungarian Police Director Hungary Karoly Papp, and a delegation of the Austrian police.

Stefanovic announced afterwards that in addition to regular border police, Serbia will soon deploy the Gendarmerie unit and the "general jurisdiction" police at the border crossings with Hungary.

He pointed out that he and his colleagues agreed that experts would help Serbian and Hungarian police forces in preventing illegal migration, as well as provide technical equipment, "that is, thermal imaging cameras."

Stefanovic also said there would be enhanced cooperation in the field of criminal investigations in order to detect smugglers.

The meeting on Monday came as ethnic Albanians from Kosovo have been leaving in great numbers, attempting to reach EU countries.

When asked what kind of documents the migrants passing through Serbia had, Stefanovic explained that, in addition to forged documents, migrants from Kosovo and Metohija also possess certificates that are obtained on the administrative line between Kosovo and central Serbia.

The migrants use those up to the Hungarian border, "after which they obtain forged documents," the minister said.

Asked about the reasons for the "explosion of migration", Stefanovic said this was not a question for the police "because the police do not deal with this analysis - but the reasons are certainly not of a security nature."

"In Germany, less that one percent of requests are accepted from asylum seekers who come via our territory. These people should not sell their property because in that way they only deepen the humanitarian crisis, and will answer in court for committing criminal acts," said Stefanovic.

Dieter Roman said that the talks today were efficient and "made clear the fact that the police of any state are not able to independently solve the problem of illegal migration."

"Serbia, Hungary, Austria and Germany can prevent a humanitarian exodus only together," said Roman.

Karoly Papp agreed with Stefanovic and Roman, pointing out that he was sure that with the help of expert teams from the four countries "good results will be achieved."

This will contribute to greater security of all our citizens, said Papp.


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