PM sees "campaign" against Serbian Army

There is an ongoing a campaign against the army, while "a part of the political public and some politicians are trying to destroy all that is good in Serbia."

Source: Tanjug

This was Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic's reactions to an NGO's accusations on Thursday against army chief Ljubisa Dikovic.

"My message to all of them is that they will not know how to, and will not be able to, and will not succeed in bringing down Serbia," he said.

Vucic was responding to questions from reporters about the allegations of the Humanitarian Law Center (FHP), who said they had documents that prove Dikovic was involved in war crimes in Kosovo over 15 years ago. A similar accusation against him was already made by the same NGO in 2011.

"What is very important to me is to see the continuation of the campaign against an institution which has the highest public support in Serbia, and it is obvious that, without going into any details - because I do not know what people from the FHP were saying - a part of the political public and some politicians are trying to bring down everything that is good in Serbia," said Vucic.

As he said, they do not enjoy any trust among the people and it is important for them to "destroy all the institutions and all the people who mean something good or represent some hope for our people."

The prime minister added that each allegation "and everything" must always be openly, seriously and responsibly talked about, but that he was personally convinced that Diković was "no war criminal."

"But the fact I am sure means nothing and it is up to the institutions to do their job, and the institutions will show if this is true or not," he said.

Asked "why these attacks are coming now" Vucic explained that "attacks on the VS started after its biggest contribution to the flood defense effort, and continued with even greater vigor" after a big military parade in October on the occasion of the liberation of Belgrade.

"Of course it has to do with causing instability in Serbia. I want to reassure the citizens and to say that no matter what someone did during the previous days, and they were mostly using untruths and I think yesterday it finally became obvious... no matter what is yet to come, Serbia will remain politically and economically stable and stronger each day," said the prime minister.


MoD rejects accusations against army chief

The claims of the FHP NGO against Ljubisa Dikovic represent "a continuation of an orchestrated campaign against the defense system of the Republic of Serbia."

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