Opposition party needs "shocking" program - MP

Citizens's anger over the bad economic situation will not be adequately voiced unless the DS comes up with "a shocking program," says Borislav Sefanovic.


Additionally, the head of the opposition Democrats' assembly group said, the DS needs to "unite all those who truly constitute opposition."

"A lot depends on ourselves, on the way in which we will perform in the test of time and the capability of true opposition to unite," Stefanovic told Tanjug.

He noted that this will be one of the tasks in the year to come, but he also voiced the belief that the process should not be rushed because time will show which members of the democratic front are truly against the incumbent government and are truly ready to unite on grounds of shared values and program.

The citizens are the ones who will unmistakably appoint the team that stands for fresh hope and has the power to stir the wave forwards, the DS leader said.

Stefanovic said that the high rating of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party comes as a consequence of pre-election promises and not realistic conditions.

"Our debt has reached EUR 22 billion and the government is taking out loans at the pace of RSD 88.9 per second, and the citizens need to know this, " he said.

Stefanovic expressed optimism but he also said that "the pressure of the regime needs to be endured."


"State must do what it promised" - president

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said Tuesday that the major change in state functioning is the greatest achievement of the government in 2014.

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