No agreement in latest round of Kosovo talks

Even after 15 rounds of negotiations between Belgrade and Priština, negotiators have not been able to reach final agreement on telecommunications and energy.

Source: B92

The next meeting between PMs Ivica Dačić and Hashim Thaci is expected to take place on September 8.

Ivica Dačić said after today's EU-mediated round in Brussels that it was " too early" to talk about what ballot papers for the local elections in Kosovo will look like, and said that there was agreement during the talks meeting on the need to get as many Serbs as possible registering to vote, and as many lists as possible.

Dačić said that the atmosphere of the meeting was constructive.

Hashim Thaci said that the meeting passed in a constructive and fair atmosphere, while agreement on telecommunications and energy required "more consultation on a technical level."

He added that progress was made on these issues today.

Thaci still refused to say what the ballots for the upcoming municipal elections on November 3 will look like, saying it was an issue to be decided by the election commission in Kosovo.

Almost the entire round was dedicated to telecommunications and energy, telephone area code, and transmission of power over the Balač station in the north.

Monday's round of negotiations took place under new pressure from Brussels, as energy and telecommunications-related issues should have been closed by now.


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