PM launches proceeding over hidden camera show

Serbian PM Ivica Dačić has launched a proceeding against people responsible for a hidden camera show he was involved in, says Dačić’s advisor Ivica Tončev.

Source: Blic, Tanjug

He told daily Blic that the prime minister had not given his permission to the TV station to air the show.

“The entire case will be thoroughly investigated,” the PM’s special advisor for national security said and added that the hidden camera show “is a mockery of Serbia, not the prime minister”.

When asked how Dačić even ended up being on the show, Tončev said that the team of the show dubbed "Mission Impossible" and Kopernikus TV had taken advantage of the prime minister’s trust and friendship.

“This will never happen again,” he underscored.

Tončev also announced that the prime minister would use all legal means to sanction those who had violated the law and journalistic code of ethics.

“The prime minister’s office will not allow this to go unpunished,” he concluded.

The Serbian Police Union requested on Wednesday to determine whether people in charge of the PM’s security were responsible in any way. The Independent Association of Journalists (NUNS) condemned the hidden camera broadcast in which the prime minister “was exposed to provocation in an indecent and unacceptable manner."

During the show, Dačić was "interviewed" by a female presenter who was not wearing any underwear.


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