“Serbia to accept Kosovo without footnote at meetings"

The Serbian government is considering a model that would allow Serbia to take part in regional meetings where Kosovo would be represented without a footnote.

Source: Beta, Blic

This is according to Belgrade-based daily Blic.

Quoting sources from the government, the daily writes that the government will in the next several days probably change a decision not to participate in meetings where Priština representatives are present.

According to Blic, Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Suzana Grubješić and EU Integration Office Director Milan Pajević are together working on the model.

The model would allow Serbian officials to take part in international meetings without recognizing Kosovo and regardless of previous insisting of the Serbian side that a footnote must be placed under Kosovo’s name on nameplates.

“The conclusion of everybody in the government is that only Serbia would lose by avoiding forums because the other side’s voice would be heard. Besides, the money for trips was spent unnecessarily and our people felt uncomfortable when they had to leave demonstratively,” a source told the daily.

The source explained that the proposal would be such that it would be clear that participation of the Serbian officials in the international meetings did not mean that Serbia recognized Kosovo’s independence.

In accordance with the agreement on regional representation reached by Belgrade and Priština in February, Kosovo needs to be represented with an asterisk and a footnote saying that “the name does not imply Kosovo's status and is in accordance with Resolution 1244 and the opinion of the International Court of Justice regarding Kosovo's declaration of independence”.


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