Foreigner fined for misdemeanor assaults judge in courtroom

A woman found guilty on a misdemeanor charge on Tuesday physically assaulted and battered Judge Zorica Markovic-Ilieski.

Source: Tanjug

Markovic-Ilieski, who is the president of the Misdemeanor Court in Sremska Mitrovica, northwestern Serbia, received serious injuries and was taken to emergency medical care in a grave psychological and physical condition, the Association of Misdemeanor Judges announced on Wednesday.

The woman, a foreign national who has not been named, attacked the judge after being found guilty of violating the Law on Foreigners.

"After the accused confessed to the misdemeanor, the judge, in the presence of a translator and a stenographer, ordered her to pay a fine of RSD 15,000 (EUR 126), after which she stood up, approached to sign the record, and brutally battered the judge," the Association said, describing the incident as unprecedented.

"We are horrified by this event and insist that (legal) procedure and harshest punishment be promptly carried out against the perpetrator, and that all necessary measures and activities be undertaken so that the judges of misdemeanor courts can perform their function in a safe and secure environment," a statement said.

In addition, according to the Association, judges of misdemeanor courts are often exposed to threats, intimidation and degrading behavior.

B92 learned unofficially that the woman, a Hungarian citizen, had been sent back from the border because her documents were not in order.

A source said that one of her arms was in a plaster cast, and that she used it to strike the judge, who fell to the ground. The attacker then proceeded to hit her victim several more times.

A police officer and an inspector who were outside the courtroom quickly ran inside - "lucky that they reacted immediately, otherwise I don't know how it all would have ended," the source said.

B92 also learned unofficially that Judge Markovic-Ilieski has had a knee contusion and a concussion, and is suffering from tachycardia and high blood pressure as a result of the assault.


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