Series of attacks on public transport drivers

Trade unions of Belgrade's public transport company GSP Beograd said that another attack on a bus driver took place at 21:05 CET on Thursday.

Izvor: Tanjug

The driver, identified as T.G., suffered minor injuries when an unknown perpetrator struck him. The incident happened on a bus traveling on Line 89, in New Belgrade's Blok 61 neighborhood.

Five trade unions have announced that due to the increased violence targeting their members, the protest started earlier this week would be "radicalized."

They explained that all GSP vehicles would stop "for five to ten minutes" on January 9. Alternatively, the unions plan to organize a protest gathering on that day.

The union representatives said that "if that does not help" they would bring public transport traffic to a complete halt.

They want stiffer penalties for attackers, enabling of panic buttons and installation of surveillance cameras in all vehicles, with the whole system networked with the police, which they said is "doable."

Several days ago one GSP driver was shot at, while another was severely beaten in separate incidents. The unions say that this year alone, more than 50 attacks happened in Belgrade targeting their members.


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Crime Thursday, January 11, 2018 12:08 Comments: 3
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