Drug-using policeman back in uniform

A Vršac police officer, caught on camera using cocaine, returned to work after a six-month suspension.

Source: B92

B92 has obtained a local television’s footage dating a year back, showing Vršac traffic policeman Marko Pavlović using cocaine.

However, a week ago he returned to his duties after a six-month suspension.

The television station’s owner Stefan Cvetković says that the reasons behind the lenient disciplinary action against the officer lay in Pavlović’s family background. His mother is deputy municipal public prosecutor while his father works as a MUP inspector.

Police representatives in Pančevo say the officer was reinstated since the law only allows for up to six months of suspension, while a criminal complaint was never brought against him.

The decision not to file charges was taken by the Pančevo public prosecutor.

Crime & Justice

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