Trade unions rally in Belgrade

Around 4,000 Independent Union members will hold protests in downtown Belgrade at noon Monday.

Source: B92

Union members said they would demand urgent formation of a new government and state institutions so as to improve the position of Serbia’s workers.

Union activist Zoran Vujović told B92 that the workers suffered due to the parties’ constant bickering and stalling with the creation of a government.

The Union announced organizing mass protests throughout the country in case May 14, set as the deadline for the formation of a new cabinet, saw no government in office.

Crime & Justice

Bosniak leader accuses Serbia

Serbia has dispatched a diplomatic note to Bosnia demanding an end of a campaign against the International Court of Justice ruling.

Crime Monday, April 30, 2007 17:41 Comments: 9

Army reserves sue State

More than 2,000 former Yugoslav Army (VJ) reserve members, mobilized during the 1999 NATO bombing, have sued the Army and the State.

Crime Sunday, April 29, 2007 10:55 Comments: 0
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