"Judges don't meet deadlines"

The inefficient and incompetent work of courts may lead to an impression that the judiciary is corrupt, the justice minister says.

Source: B92

Justice minister Zoran Stojković said Saturday that transparency in judicial procedures should eliminate any doubts concerning corruption, the government reported on its website.

“It is necessary to raise the level of responsibility of court presidents in managing courts and monitoring the duration of procedures, while certain cases involving corruption should be assigned priority,” he asserted

The justice minister reiterated that “most often citizens suspected the judiciary of being corrupt due to inefficiency and inexpert work of certain courts.”

“As I have learnt in direct talks with the citizens, they mostly complain about lengthy court procedures, and particularly those involving child custody,” he said.

“Considering the fact that the legislation regulating child custody has been amended and made clear and precise, there is an obvious problem with its implementation,” Stojković went on to explain.

“I suppose there are judges who do not respect recommended deadlines, resulting in lengthy court procedures,“ the justice minister concluded.

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