Corrupt physician banned from practice

Dr. Ivan Butković, found guilty of accepting bribes, has been banned from medical practice for the period of five years.

Source: B92

After an almost four year long trial and numerous appeals, the Belgrade District Court reached a verdict finding Butković guilty on corruption charges.

The Prosecution brought charges against Butković in 2003, and he was subsequently removed from his post as chief of an orthopedic unit.

Nonetheless, he continued working as a surgeon in the same hospital until the beginning of April 2007 when Banjica Hospital director Zoran Blagojević officially received the verdict.

“I instructed a five year ban on running a medical practice and performing the duties of resident doctor, including contacts with patients and conducting surgeries,” Blagojević said.

“I have assigned non-medical tasks to Butković, as he will continue to work in hospital’s research department,” he explained.

Butković had been reported to police by Marin Jovanov, the son of a patient who broke a thigh bone and required immediate surgery.

Jovanov said that doctor Butković demanded EUR 550 in return.

Butković admitted having received the alleged sum after the operation as he considered it “a token of the patient’s gratitude.”

Crime & Justice

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