Army reserves sue State

More than 2,000 former Yugoslav Army (VJ) reserve members, mobilized during the 1999 NATO bombing, have sued the Army and the State.

Source: B92

They demand payment of overdue daily wages for their engagement during the war.

In the meantime, several hundred cases have been settled, and the army reserve members have received around EUR 6,000 each.

However, a majority of former reserves from Kuršumlija say that only “certain individuals could claim the payment, including Municipal Court Judges.”

On the other hand, Kuršumlija Municipal Court President Radiša Jović said that the processing of the remaining cases was stopped until Serbia’s Supreme Court decided on the future of similar legal proceedings.

Nonetheless, he admitted that judges and employees of the Municipal Court mobilized in 1999 managed to collect wages.

“We are talking about the cases that were already processed in the order of their registration entry within the Court,” he explained.

There are as many as 2,000 pending lawsuits from former army reservists in Kuršumlija, all of them demanding payment for the time spent in Kosovo during the 1999 NATO bombing campaign.

They have announced mass protests in case that their demands are not met.

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Bosniak leader accuses Serbia

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