Media: A spy from the Serbian Army is the tip of the iceberg; The trail goes deeper

Serbian secret agencies, which arrested a reserve officer for spying, discovered that the "prongs" of that chain extended to the Consulate of Bulgaria in Niš.

Source: Novosti

The Serbian secret services, which arrested a reserve officer of the Serbian Army for spying, discovered that the "prongs" of that chain extended to the Consulate of Bulgaria in Niš.

Just to recall, Lj. G. (61) from Bosilegrad, a reserve officer of the Serbian Army and an employee of the Cultural Center in this city, was arrested on Monday, after an extensive investigation by our security services.

According to Novosti, they quietly followed his work until they broke into the entire agency network, the branches of which extend to the Consulate of the Republic of Bulgaria in Niš.

The importance and success of the operation of our security guards is evidenced by the information from Sofia, where in the headquarters of the Bulgarian intelligence service DANS, after the arrest of the agent from Bosilegrad, "alarms are on" and it is being checked how their infrastructure in the southeast of Serbia has been compromised, the newspaper further states, referring to well-informed sources.

Also, our authorities are extensively checking which Serbian citizens were involved in the disclosure of confidential information from the military sector. Because, according to information, Lj. G. had an enviable network in which, in addition to local political officials, military personnel were also involved. It is examined whether people consciously or unconsciously became part of that circle. It is assumed that the Bulgarian spy had a cash fund prepared for those from the first group, so the investigation will focus on that segment as well.

Subject of interest of Lj. G. and his principals were two spheres: military and civil. When it comes to the Serbian Armed Forces, detailed information was requested on the number, personnel hierarchy and structure, layout, weapons and equipment of the units in the south of our country, primarily the Fourth Brigade of the Serbian Armed Forces based in Vranje.

Given that its personnel and equipment are deployed on the territory of Vranje and Bujanovac, there is a well-founded suspicion that the Bulgarian agency traded that data with Albanian agencies in Kosovo and Metohija. Bulgarian spies, on the other hand, were very interested in the mood of the people in the south of Serbia before the elections, especially in border municipalities with minority Bulgarian and Albanian populations.

Serbian security officers have determined the concrete identities of a large number of people who gave the agent from Bosilegrad information that threatens the security of Serbia and its armed forces, and following the traces of this intelligence network, the investigators reached the Bulgarian consulate in Nis.

The development of events confirmed the expectation that the arrest of the Bosilegrad spy is the tip of the iceberg, and that it will be followed by the discovery of a larger agency network, according to Novosti.