1. I wouldn’t like to place some of the things here but because none of the Serbs gave a LIKE please accept my personal vendetta :

    Савва Охридский (ум. нач. X века), равноапостольный, просветитель Моравии и Болгарии

    Савва I Сербский (ок. 1169—1236) — первый архиепископ Сербский, сын Стефана Немани.

    Савва II Сербский (ок. 1200—1271) — третий архиепископ Сербский, сын Стефана Первовенчанного, племянник предыдущего

    Савва III Сербский (ум. 1316) — девятый архиепископ Сербский

    (rote, 26 November 2016 11:33)

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  2. football JABHAT AL NUSRA vs CAA ===== [link]
    (rote, 25 November 2016 02:30)

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  3. sj : I know that Erdogan is an Islamist and a dictator, but no one from the west said boo before his "defection" to the Russians. The hypocrisy never ends.

    It must be of your interest that he is an ethnical Georgian. His parents flew from the bordering Batumi city in Adjaria region of Georgia. Also you can call him Sokolovic aka Sokologlu because Erdogan means FALCON in Turkish. In 1942 all Turks were oblidged to change their first and second names for the Turkish ones. Turkish nation appeared after 1923 and so was their language developed by two professors from Russia. one of Tatar orygin and one of Tatar. Erdogan supports the Islamic Brothers aka Ihwan ul Muslimin for decades. This terrorist organization killed presidents of Egypt and gave birth to all other terrorist organizations. It's alma mater of all sorts of the jihadis.
    (rote, 25 November 2016 00:40)

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  4. (skepticism, 24 November 2016 15:35)

    My point is that while Erdogan was with the west he was removing all opposition, but after the failed US-instigated coup he just sped up the process and moved towards Russia and its only now the EP has "discovered" Erdogan was not nice person and will hold a non-binding vote on stopping any succession talks. Where was the EP two or three years ago????

    I know that Erdogan is an Islamist and a dictator, but no one from the west said boo before his "defection" to the Russians. The hypocrisy never ends.
    (sj, 24 November 2016 22:30)

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  5. @sj

    It is incredible how you manage to miss the point, losing focus on small-time conspiracy theories like "proximity to russia".

    turkey never was and never will be a European country. It is rather a middle eastern islamic country - hence having values that are not compatible with EU values.

    Furthermore, turkey is currently "governed" by a egomaniac dictator who has established a mockery of justice system, puts people in jai without reason, wants to kill the Kurds because he is afraid of them, plays the islamist card having financed ISIS and the "islamic brotherhood" in Egypt and other extreme islamists groups in Libya. The egomaniac dictator has lost touch with reality, and is moving his country towards something that has no place in a European Union.

    erdo himself said that turkey wants to join China and Russia - he should. Because he is not wanted in Europe.
    (skepticism, 24 November 2016 15:35)

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  6. Every time I say the EP can’t get any worse they shock me by exceeding their last efforts. I’m no supporter of the Turks, but this vote by the EP is mind boggling.
    The Turks lodged their application 30 years ago and we all know why they have not been allowed to proceed, they are a large Muslim nation, and now the EU is talking about freezing the accession talks. Its 30 years in the making and the EP talks about freezing. Now if this is not comedy I don’t know what is.
    Is the non-binding vote a “shot across the bow”? A warning of a kind because they are now close to the Russians? Remember Erdogan was doing the same while he was with the west and not a peep out of that hall of windbags called the EP.
    (sj, 24 November 2016 13:49)

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