1. Ida

    Serbia won’t be stuck with migrants who are seeking the good life in the EU and not a tough life in Serbia. However that said, Serbia is foolish not to control its borders. Serbia is being overrun by people who leave mess and illnesses behind; they are ruining the places they pass on their way to the EU paradise. Serbia should seal its borders and tell Germany to send ships to pick up their immigrants from the Greek Islands. Few migrants will cross Serbia over the winter months, so there is plenty of time to build a strong wall that will keep out the masses.
    (Michael Thomas, 6 November 2015 13:06)

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  2. "The decision came as refugees from the Middle East no longer use this route"

    Yep, Hungary stopped the flow and now it's not bothered by them.

    Serbia won't impede them and so it gets ever more of them. It will never end if Serbia doesn't do anything to cut off this route.

    Serbia is a fool and will now be stuck with them - and probably the poorest and most radical Muslims from Afghanistan and Pakistan.
    Germany will cherry pick the most educated, skilled and best behaved.
    (ida, 30 October 2015 21:03)

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