1. There are few things that have to be made:
    - immediately recognize the Federal State of Novorossija in the Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts
    - have a referendum in the whole territory of cultural Novorossija (from Odessa to Kharkov) so people will decide their destinies
    - recognize immediately Pridnestrovia (Transnistria) as a sovereign country.

    Ukraine is a threat for the whole country, with its spreading of ultra-rightwing ideologies and lot of smell of neo-nazism. USA and European Union have allowed and protected in the last twenty years the return of nazism in various European territories: it started with Baltic countries, then moved to the Balkans where the nazi heritage is still strong in Croatia, Herzegovina and Muslim cantons of pseudo-state of BiH. Let's not talk about the thankful albanian attitude towards nazi-fascism (despite they were Italy, during WWII, the only "Greater Albania" they have ever had was a gift by Hitler and Mussolini).

    There's a dangerous incoming lack of democracy due to the absurd policies of United States and European Union. The liberation of Novorossiya from the Ukrainian illegal government is a fight for freedom and against the most awful ideologies the planet has ever met.

    Yatseniuk and Tymoshenko are criminals like Tudjiman, Izetbegovic, Thaci, Haradinaj, Gotovina: they cannot win as the mentioned lawless thieves and murderers have been allowed to win in Yugoslavia.
    (Gianfranco, 1 February 2015 18:36)

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  2. Sreten

    Hope you’re OK. You were right when you mentioned this week that it was strange for Russia whose economics they mentally buried is to provide money to Montenegro and now also to the Greeks. Only finance restrictions together with oil prices have some influence on us but it also helps us to mobilize our internal forces and it unties our hands in many issues. I too started to reorganize my company. You know that on the Russian soil the western mentality does not work. So was with Napoleon and Hitler and now NATO is making the same mistake. They impose a high price ( formally for Ukraine ) and they hope it will stop us. Idiots ! They behave like in an eastern bazar while the Russian logic is best described in a song by Bulat Okudjava :

    Горит и кружится планета,
    Над нашей Родиною дым.
    А нынче нам нужна одна победа,
    Одна на всех – мы за ценой не постоим …

    Follow the events in DEBALTSEVO where 20% of Kiev’s troops are encircled. It is the only reason why they are back to Minsk. Russia is not interested in the regime to fall before the summer so we agreed to arrive. Funny do the other sides behave. Yesterday former president Kuchma representing the Nazi did not arrive to Minks saying that he thought that the meeting had been appointed for Saturday … In addition OSCE said that they failed to call the mobiles of the representatives of Lugansk and Donetsk arrived to Minsk. Neither did they guessed to ask the Byelorussian side hosting the talks …
    (rote, 31 January 2015 08:06)

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  3. Urgent stop of hostilities is needed , and neogitiations ASAP
    (Sreten, 30 January 2015 17:44)

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