1. What about Brussels Agreement? Serbia signed it yet these days you're all over with some new and crazy ideas. Talk is cheap you two faced Serbian who in the past supported Milosevic and Seselj.
    (Avni, 31 December 2014 14:09)

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  2. We know that the Serbian President and the German Ambassador have overcome their differences, and it Could be because the European Union knows that Anglo-America must leave Central Europe and the Balkans in order to Prevent WW 3, which will kill All Humans.

    Germany may want Serbia to build a City, which is named Refugee City, and which is one tenth of the number of People who have become Refugees because of the Nazi Euro-American Criminal War Crimes in Democratic and European Serbia.

    That City would be built with 0 % Loans from Serbia's Central Bank, along with a Secret Donation from Germany and other Countries, and those who live there have to be Refugees, and it will show Continental Europeans one tenth of the scale of one aspect of the Nazi Activities of Criminal Anglo-America in the Balkans.

    This City would be built very close to Belgrade, and visiting Foreign Leaders could visit Refugee City in the same way that Israel uses their Holocaust Museum.

    Serbia would build a Museum in Belgrade next to the Euro-American Embassies, and when Serbia summons Foreign Ambassadors and Foreign Leaders, then they must meet with the Serbian Officials in the Special Facilities that are a part of that Museum.

    Serbia would give prizes of a 2 weeks fully paid holiday for 1,000 People from the Continental European Union each year, because Europeans need to know that America wants an Independent Kosovo because of Camp Bondsteel, which was built to kill All Humans in WW 3.
    (Yet Another J S, 31 December 2014 10:26)

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