1. The talk show was really a great impression ,for I could not help wondering about the deflection of responsibility and pointlessness of some statements. The URS party members have embezzled millions euros from the budget, or portions of citizens’ assets have been illegally taken and URS’ frauds have been exposed, but Cuckovic stated that the bad law was flouted so that SIEPA institution could work. Mumbo-jumbo words for resorting to a law violation.That means that the law should be ignored, and I say: I welcome the fact that the country seems willing to exercise its so –called duty to protect us from such state officials. Arrest warrants will be issued for more URS members. AS for Stojiljkovic, he acted as if he was off-line all the time. Instead of answering the questions, he asked them the show-hostess.
    (Miki, 31 March 2014 19:50)

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